Leopold Fare, Composition


This mid-20th-century abstract painting by Swedish artist Leopold Fare (1926-1996) sets a black form akin to Japanese calligraphy over a background of natural tones. It exudes style.

Fare’s approach varied between abstracts and works a little more figurative. Generally, he seemed to prefer a lighter palette but also produced darker works with an electrifying mood.

Fare studied at Otte Sköld's painting school, the Académie libre in France, and later at Academy in Stockholm under Ragnar Sandberg. Sandberg’s work is comparable.

He’s represented at The Moderna Muséet in Stockholm.

Signed and framed.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 14” x 19” / 35cm x 48cm
Year of creation: c. 1960
Condition: Artwork presents well. Frame with some light wear.

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