Antoni Munill, A Woman Sleeping

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An evocative pastel drawing depicting a nude woman sleeping by Spanish artist, Antoni Munill (1939-1977). The model is possibly the artist’s wife.

Here we see her curled into a semi-foetal position with her right elbow resting on her left leg. She’s motionless yet Munill has imbued the drawing with energy via the use of sinuous lines. In this respect, it reminds us a little of Henri Matisse’s line drawings that seem to flow - almost akin to liquid.

The form is enhanced via the use of blue as the dominant colour, which brings calmness and tranquillity. Was this restful scene quickly sketched after sex?

The drawing is signed on the right and housed within a heavy glazed frame.

Medium: Pastel on paper
Overall size: 31” x 39” / 79cm x 100cm
Year of creation: c. 1970
Provenance: Spain
Condition: Very presentable. Small marks on the mount. Frame with some light wear.

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